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Kỷ niệm 65 năm thành lập Học viện Âm nhạc Quốc gia Việt Nam
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Lượt truy cập: 9646303
Tin tức hoạt động Thứ tư, 17/08/2022
Tạp chí Đàn dây (Strings) tháng 10 năm 2009


Nội dung:

News & Notes
News and Notes Joshua Bell takes to the house concert concept, Hilary Hahn expands her web presence, Anne Akiko Meyers joins University of Texas faculty, Kronos and others receive grants, England's "El Sistema" off to a good start, and violinist William Harvey heads to Afghanistan, plus News Briefs

News Spotlight
Programs Cater to the Bold Tech-Savvy String Musician For an adventurous cadre of string players, electronic-music courses are helping to alter the soundscape of modern music By James Reel

Jazz Fusionist Stanley Clarke Marks Return to Acoustic Bass For the first time in four decades, the upright bass is center stage on Stanley Clarke's new straight-ahead jazz CD By Eric Fine

A Musical Life
Fiddler Finds a Future on Both Sides of a Microphone For fiddler Tyler Andal, studio engineering offers skills that translate onto the stage By David Templeton

On My Music Stand
An Ode to Australians Displaced by Atomic Testing Topical work by Australian composer Matthew Hindson is bedside reading for Lara St. John  By Lara St. John

Teaching Strings
Tips on Teaching an Autistic String Student Teachers and autism specialists share their own strategies from the field  By Christopher Roberts

Practical Musician
How to Select Repertoire for a Recording Project Follow these 11 rules to create a winning demo or commercial CD By Louise Lee

Strings 101
How to Avoid Debilitating Back Pain as a Cellist Improve your posture in 3 easy steps By Judith Glyde

Play It!
Mimi Rabson Is Living in a Post-Bach World Berklee instructor commissions new works for solo violin By James Reel

Master Class
Learn How to Make Irish Music Sound Irish A Celtic primer for classical players: capture the lilt with authentic bowing patterns and ornamentation  By Katherine Thomas

Are You Ready to Dive into the Bartok Quartet Cycle? Fry Street violinist William Fedkenheuer on taking the plunge into a half dozen deeply satisfying, but daunting, masterworks By James Reel

Strings Trade
Strings Trade Trennial Violin-making Competition draws international audience to Cremona, Italy; Carleen Hutchins leaves a legacy of scientific innovation; third annual Australasian Violin Makers Conference brings luthiers together; and the VSA announces convention particulars; plus Bench Marks By Erin Shrader

Your Instrument
Keep Your Pegs in Top Condition Maintenance required: 5 tips on keeping your pegs turning smoothly  By Heather K. Scott

New Products
New products Realist 4- and 5-string violins from David Gage String Instruments; Clarity Spectrum rosin; Icicle XLR to USB Converter/Mic Preamp; Phiaton PS 320 stereo headphones; and the Circle of Fifths Watch; plus Classic Gear item Glasser fiberglass bows By Erin Shrader

In Print
In Print Third book in Daniel Heartz's series is an exciting look at 3 great composers at critical points in their careers; Barenreiter releases Mendelssohn Sonatas for Violin and Piano and Smetana's Trio in G minor for Piano, Violin, and Cello; plus Briefly Noted items

On Record
On Record Cuarteto Latinamericano sizzles on red-hot Villa-Lobos Tribute; plus discs by Jan Vogler and the Knights, Kim Kashkashian, the Kronos Quartet, the Saddle Cats, and various Cedille artists including Rachel Barton Pine and Jennifer Koh

Tunes for Tips 86-year-old violinist and busker Luis Cruz uses tip money to help his grandchildren make ends meet

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  Tạp chí tháng 9/2009 (26/08/2009)
  Tạp chí tháng 8/2009 (01/08/2009)

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